Luscious yellow flags

Photos: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Yellow flag
Yellow flag     Kollane võhumõõk      Iris pseudacorus
A real iris, the Latin name confirms it. It started flowering already three weeks ago but the yellow flags flower for very long – the whole of July. The water level in our rivers and lakes is high and that is to the liking of the plants, in places the clumps are the height of a „small man“, and the fragile flowers are in full bloom. A powerful sight.
Habitats are swamp as well as floodplain forests, also wooded meadows, fens; a plant for any kind of ditch or pool. The bank zones of lakes and rivers have already been mentioned. Thus a humidity-loving plant but undemanding with regard to soil fertility. Grows in full light as well as in shadow. If a piece of the rhizome is planted in your home garden near water it is quite likely to grow.
The stem of the plant carries two up to five flowers. The three outer tepals are downward-curved and the three inner, smaller, are erect. The style of the pistil is visible in the centre. Smell the flower – it has no scent.
Yellow flag in Mustjõe water meadow