Estonian cloud atlas published

Info from publishing house Varrak
Translation Liis
What does the everyday sky of our temperate zone tell us?
Weather, local climates and climate in general are significant parts of our everyday life. In the book we learn what clouds form from and what they consist of, why clouds are important, how clouds are identified, how to predict weather from clouds and much more.
In the comprehensive volume we also find advice on how to photograph the sky, by day or night.
See the interview with Jüri Kamenik in Terevisioon: LINK (in Estonian)
Publisher Varrak introduces the book at 6 pm on March 25th in Tartu at the Rahva Raamat bookshop, Tasku, 2nd floor. Meteorologist and member of staff Jüri Kamenik and climatologist Ain Kallas talk about clouds, our everyday companions. 




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