Summary of Osprey season, nest of Irma and Ilmar

Text, images and videos: Bea (LK forum) 
Camera 2 came online on March 26. On April 17, Ilmar returned after successful migration back to his nest. Almost simultaneously, an unknown female osprey appeared („Dark Beauty“). She was very interested in everything and stayed for several days. Ilmar politely provided her with fish and worked on getting his nest in order again; renovations had to be done after the long winter.
However, when Irma returned to the nest on April 24, she immediately asserted ​​her rights as the established mate and attacked her female competitor. Fortunately the dispute was settled quickly with Irma the winner and breeding could begin. Irma laid three eggs (May 3, 7, and 10) followed by a quiet incubation period, which was disturbed only by occasional visits from other ospreys.
A very interesting sighting happened during this time: a young osprey with ring R3 landed on the nest on May 24. It turned out that he was ringed as a hatchling in 2012, in a nest with three chicks, 60 km NNE. One can assume that this was the first time that he had returned to his homeland after his initial migration.
With excitement we observed the first chick hatching during the early morning hours of June 9.

Just before the second egg was expected to hatch, the camera transmission failed due to a technical problem at the nest site. The nest could not be visited to perform repairs at this sensitive time, so we had to wait to learn what had happened with the other two eggs. The ringers visited the nest on June 30 and were able to repair the camera connection.


When the camera transmitted again on June 30, we saw a nest with two chicks, the bigger one wearing rings (AR). The difference in the size of the chicks led to the conclusion that probably the first and third eggs had hatched and the second egg was not successful. The chicks were named Aino (the larger one with ring AR) and Elar, the younger one who was ringed (DI) on July 17. Later in the season, the ringers decided that both osprey chicks were male. Irma and Ilmar were reliable and caring parents, and Aino fledged on July 30 and Elar on August 4.


As is common for ospreys, Irma left the family first; she was last seen on the nest on August 21.

Ilmar still provided fish for both young ospreys and an amazing amount of 832 delivered fishes were counted for the entire season. On September 12, both Aino and Elar, as well as Ilmar, were seen for the last time at the nest.


We wish all our camera-ospreys a long and healthy life, wherever their wings may carry them!




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