Northern Light nights

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Northern lights in Järvamaa 6.10.2015
Strong Northern Lights were visible already on Tuesday evening and night. Magnetic storms are forecast for several more evenings and nights.
The Sun was active a few days ago and erupted a plasma flow straight in the direction of the Earth, which caused so intense Northern Lights on Tuesday night that they could be seen in Norway even from strongly illuminated cities. In Estonia they were visible to a naked eye.
On Tuesday night the magnetic storm was not very strong but the direction, speed and density of the solar wind are also important for seeing Northern Lights. More details: (in Estonian).
At noon on Wednesday there was already a medium-force solar storm, and a storm was forecast for the night.
The US Space Weather Prediction Center forecast for the state of the Earth’s magnetic field. The first column shows UTC (for Estonian summer time add 3 hours), the numerical columns show the predicted Kp index on the respective days




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