Year cycle of Looduskalender’s web cameras

Drawing: Juho Kalberg
Translation: Liis
Implementing transmissions by web cameras from nature requires its own measure of time for planning and preparations. Firstly, we need to know about the existence of species interesting to us, and their behaviour, nesting and much more.
Simultaneously the technical feasibility of a transmission, new solutions and applications are charted in consultations with specialists in the respective areas. Sometimes years may be used for the planning up to the launching of such a venture, and an unexpected forest felling or other disturbance of nature can thwart the project for years, making searches for new solutions or options necessary.
Naturally we have no assurances that the species that interest us will use the technically prepared locations for nesting in a particular year. Such knowledge requires a very substantial knowledge network of specialists and nature people, daily contacts, observing what happens in nature day by day in order to map out possible future and already existing camera projects and to introduce them successfully at the right moment, to present the unique individuality of Estonian nature to viewers.
In the framework of the international project „Eaglelife“, Kotkaklubi (Eagle club) and Ornitoloogiaühing (Estonian Ornithological Society) helped to instal web cameras at the Latvian eagles’ nests, with transmission by EeNet. We have shown these when our own eagles have not nested.
Forest camera (Metsakaamera)
December - March
Winter bird feeder camera (Talilinnukaamera):
December - March
White-tailed eagle camera (Merikotkakaamera): Kotkaklubi
March - August
Black stork camera (Must-toonekure kaamera): Eagle Club, Estonian Ornithological Society
March - August
Lesser spotted eagle camera (Väike-konnakotkakaamera): Eagle Club, Estonian Ornithological Society
Osprey camera (Kalakotkakaamera):  Eagle Club, Estonian Ornithological Society
Grey seal monitoring camera (Hallhülge seirekaamera): Promarine
If possible all year
Red deer camera (Hirvekaamera): State Forest Management (RMK)
Tawny owl camera (Kakukaamera): Estonian Ornithological Society
Brown bear camera (Karukaamera):
April to July and August to November
Käsmu shore camera (Käsmu rannakaamera): Käsmu Maritime Museum
Additionally test transmissions are carried out on an experimental basis.




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