Fish camera starts

Transmission courtesy of  Wifinet and EENet
Translation: Liis


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A flash of inspiration 4 years ago about an underwater camera has become reality in the last quarter of a year activities. For the salmonids the most important activity of the year goes on now and we believe that we can share their doings and what goes on in the surroundings with interested viewers.
For the first time we use a video camera instead of a webcam. The GoPro was recommended by Ivar Taim.  The camera was rented from GPS Eesti OÜ (in the course of tests we managed to drown one camera – to those who try, things happen).
The computer coding of the video stream was put together by Urmas LettEenet, the technology was tested and integrated to a whole by  and Tiit Lepik, the ”ends” of the transmission were joined on-site by Ivo Kivinurk.
We built and tested many underwater boxes; in completing these Endel Grensmann,  spent brain and hand power. Akvaariumi helped with the construction of the aquarium.
Specialists Kunnar, IvarEne ja Heino of the Põlula Kalakasvatus (Põlula Fish Rearing Department) were a great help. Without their observations and notes all would have been significantly more involved.
In complementing the light assembly  Rein supported our our own knowledge and experiences.  Underwater photographer Kaido  advised in the installation.
Film men Tõnu TalpsepRiho Västrik and many enthusiasts gave good advice and took part in many relevant discussions.
Of course it is possible to reflect the underwater world even better in natural conditions. We are moving towards this.
The happenings in camera view will surely be mirrored by the LK foorum.
Looduskalender keeps an eye on events and will introduce the life mode of those whom we see in camera view.




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