VIDEO: What happens in osprey nest?

Webcam capture and videos by Bea, LK forum
Translation: Liis
The jay has plucked up courage and come to see what the young ospreys are fed with and if it is tasty too? Brave bird, who does not feel particularly bold in the osprey nest…
In the Latvian nest ravens came to steal fish.
Today at noon a pine marten came to investigate the nest, probably it had found fish remainders there already earlier  “under cover of darkness”  because the behaviour was as in visiting a familiar place.
Male Ilmar has been left alone with the young ospreys. Irma has already started her winter migration journey towards south; she has not been observed at the nest any longer, and this is common for ospreys. We will keep an eye on the osprey nest. Abandoning it is not far off now…




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