VIDEO: Buzzard chicks have been ringed

Text  Ülo Väli, Bird of the Year Working Group of EOS
Video recorded by Urmas Lett,
Translation Liis
Jürgen ringing the chicks of buzzards Mari and Mihkel, Jaan is hidden (photo from web camera)
On May 23rd when Mari and Mihkel’s chicks were about three weeks old, they had visitors. Jürgen and Jaan from EOS’ Predator Working Group ringed the little buzzards so that we can recognize them in the future. At the same time they were measured to show their development and sex.
The strategic measures were as follows:
L32535: wing 141mm, tarsus length 68,2 mm, tarsus width 7,5 x 6.0 mm, weight 610 g
L32536: wing 86mm, tarsus length 62,5 mm, tarsus width 7,5 x 6,4 mm, weight 470 g
L32537: wing 143 mm, tarsus length 66,1mm, tarsus width 8,4 x 7, weight 670 g
The buzzard children are still too small to allow definite conclusions from the measures but a reasonable assumption is that Mari and Mihkel have one son (L-32535) and two daughters (L-32536 ja L-32537).
Since the development of the chicks can be nicely observed in the web camera it may be that Jürgen will visit them again to re-measure them. The measures would provide some more background information to the development of the chicks.




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