Beloved spring flowers

Photos: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Water scorpion  (Nepa cinerea) and wood anemones
Wood anemone; Windflower      Võsaülane      Anemone nemorosa
Wood anemones grow well on moderately fresh soil and are tolerant of shade; good habitats are broad-leaf forests, wooded meadows and coppices.
The stem is bare or slightly hairy. On the ground we generally see one basal leaf with a long stalk. Bracts are up to 3 – sometimes they come into a flower-picker’s hand.
The petals (more exactly, tepals) of the white flower can be 6 up to 8; they surround the stamens and the pistils (gynoecia). The wood anemone lacks proper petals. The diameter of the flower can be up to 4 centimetres; to bees and other insects the wood anemones offer pollen.
If a flower-picker has a piece of tissue in the pocket it can be dipped in water and swept around the stems of the picked wind anemones. The flowers will not wilt so fast in a vase then. It also keeps hands from contact with the sap of the wind anemones which can cause a rash and even blisters on a sensitive skin.
Wood anemone flower




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