VIDEO: Second egg in buzzard nest

Video recorded and webcam image captured by Fleur, LK forum
Translation Liis
Common buzzard       Hiireviu        Buteo buteo
Egg-laying became a fact at 11 o’clock and the process took a little more than half an hour. We saw proof of the existence of the egg a quarter of an hour later.
The first egg was in the nest on March 28th. The second today, March 31st.
Moles were brought to buzzard nest no. 2 yesterday, and even two of them. Neither birds of prey nor predators eat them; they smell starkly of musk. Were they brought to the nest simply as fur decorations? Or does the male bird try to show himself off as a skilled hunter?
In any case, this pair too should start their nest life in the next few days….
Image from webcam captured by  Liz, LK forum




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