Years are not twins

Video: Kaido Einama
Translation: Liis
This autumn was beautiful in Estonia: sunny, with few storms and little rain.
The rains of the last few months have pushed the rivers over their banks, sea water level is high and acts as a dam for flowing waters. Trees are dormant but grass is still growing and there are even flowers in the grass. Mushrooms after Christmas is  an exceptional phenomenon but several kinds of chanterelles for the frying pan have been found ...
Brown bears have been photographed, after all, how can one sleep in a wet bed. But with colder weather they will find new beds, and the fat layer will still be enough for the winter sleep.
Ticks are still around, and so are mosquitoes but the latter are not of the blood-thirsty kinds.
In places the shore line has changed again after the recent storms coming one at the heels of another. In some places land has been added, in others taken away together with trees that had pressed too near the waterfront.

Looduskalender’s readers surely have their own observations and remarkable memories.




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