Lesser spotted eagle cameras

Transmission in Estonia courtesy of:  Televõrgu AS and EENet
In Latvia: Latvian nature conservation agency and University of Latvia
Translation: Liis
Click on the photos below to open direct stream viewing of the nests!

Estonian lesser spotted eagle camera  1.
Estonian lesser spotted eagle camera 2 in former black stork nest.
Latvian lesser spotted eagle camera, photo Grieta from the forum.

Photo: Joosep Tuvi
View towards the Estonian LSE camera. The distance between camera and nest is 2 meters.
This year the Eagle Club (Kotkaklubi) installed the lesser spotted eagle (LSE) web cameras 1 and 2 at the nests on April 4th. Both nests are in Jõgeva county and we have had web camera transmission from the same locations beginning from 2008 and 2007 respectively.  Camera 2 is located at the former black stork nest where the lesser spotted eagles started nesting in 2010 (although the former owner can be seen here too occasionally). Camera 1 was earlier about twenty meters away, at the second nest of this pair. Cameras in Latvia were also installed at two nests, but at present the nest of Metriena has been selected for streaming (it was seen last year too). The Stalidzani eagles have evidently built a new nest elsewhere after they repaired the camera nest
In Estonia the signal goes via Mikrotik aerials from the forest to the 8 and 13 kilometres distant towers of Eesti Energia and from there to the fibre optical cable of the Televõrgud. Televõrgud carry the primary camera image stream to the EENet server where it is decoded and split for viewers. The forest part of the system is powered by solar panels. .
In Latvia the first decoding of the camera video is done at the Teici nature protection area centre and from there it is routed to the server of the University of Latvia where the stream is split and distributed to viewers.
Supporters assisting in the Latvian camera project are shown on the Latvian lesser spotted eagle camera page.
The Estonian lesser spotted eagle camera image is brought to your computer screen with the assistanced of:
...  and the LK forum keeps its attentive eyes on all that happens in Estonia as well as Latvia.
Since this year is not the best of mouse years and thus food is scarce for the lesser spotted eagles it will not be very remarkable if eggs will not be laid in some nest or if nesting will not be successful...




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