Yellow flowers - lesser celandine

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Lesser celandine

Lesser celandine Kanakoole Ranunculus ficaria

Because of the leaf shape the lesser celandine is sometimes confused with the marsh marigold. The celandine does not need to grow with its “feet in water“ although it too likes a humid habitat. There are several differences in appearance too - the petals of the flower shine nicely and have an oblong shape and there are more of them.
The celandine spreads differently from other plants in the buttercup family: in addition to the seeds bulbils appear in the leaf axils after flowering. During this period the plant is toxic and dangerous to those who might feed on the bulbils, for instance domestic birds  - from this also the Estonian name of the plant, kanakoole, “hen killer”.




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