Birder's diary - 9 and 10.05

Birder Margus Ots,
Photos: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Eurasian collared doves.
May 9th
As the morning weather at Cape Põõsaspea did not favour watching the migration I got to sleep properly at last in a very long time, and headed out for a trip only in the afternoon. I checked the bird spots of Haapsalu but no one in particular showed up. But I still got 2 new species for my year list, at Rõude an Eurasian collared dove  and an icterine warbler were calling. My 2012 list now has 227 bird species.
Late in the evening I was already in Hiiumaa. The Estbirding annual meeting and a grand birdwatching at Ristna nina takes place on the weekend. When a large gang of birders are let loose on the island then, hopefully, some rarities will be found too.
Migrant flock of scoters. Puhtu.
May 10th
In the morning we were out at Ristna nina already at 5 o’clock to watch. It turned out that we had been too ambitious. Because the weather was cloudy it was still simply too dark. But at about 6 o’clock active movement started and in the course of a few hours thousands of common scoters and long-tailed ducks, and in addition smaller numbers of other waterfowl too, passed Ristna nina on their way northwards. Among more exciting creatures at Ristna nina in the morning were 6 Arctic skuas, 7 black guillemots, 6 razorbills and 3  common murres. The common murre is a new species in my year list.
During the day we roamed about in the Kõpu peninsula. In several places warblers, chats and flycatchers having landed from the migration could be seen. In Kõpu village I found the spotted flycatcher as new species for my year list.
The plan for the afternoon was to stay birdwatching at Ristna nina but the whole peninsula was covered by thick fog and watching came to nothing at first. But exactly at 18.00 the mist dispersed and at once a great milling started at sea. In the course of a few hours tens of thousands of migrating waterfowl could be seen. The most numerous species were  common scoters and long-tailed ducks; 68000 and 14600 individuals respectively of those migrated during the morning and evening. As new species for my year list I found the  bar-tailed godwit at Ristna nina in the evening; my 2012 year list now has  230 bird species.
Migrant flock of long-tailed ducks.  Puhtu.




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