Fragile flower – wood sorrel

Photo: Arne Ader
 Translation: Liis
Wood-sorrel    Harilik jänesekapsas      Oxalis acetosella
About the wood sorrel: the leaves of this quite well-known fragile plant are an infinitely delicate spring green and at first glance the flowers seem white but take a closer look, its flowering period is here and in places the forest floor under spruces is decked in white.
Each wood-sorrel flower stem tip is garnished with a flower. When you put some tart leaves in your mouth for tasting you might well ask: can this slight stem feed the plant? But the thing is that the above-ground part is only the leaf stem, and the rhizome of the plant is hidden in the forest ground soil. From its stores the nourishment needed for the springtime flowering are drawn.

Botanists maintain that the wood-sorrel flowers until late autumn. Why don’t we see flowers then? Because the late flowers have such short stems and are hidden in moss or decayed forest matter and we will not see these flowers open – they are hidden in the bud, but pass all the stages of botanical flowering. 




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