First yellow mustard family flowers

Photo: Arne Ader
 Translation: Liis
Wintercress; yellow rocket   Kaarkollakas     Barbarea vulgaris
Several similar mustard family plants (Brassicaeae, or earlier, Cruciferae) with yellow petals grow here. The yellow rocket or wintercress has started flowering at the outskirts of gardens and roads. It is one of the most widely spread "weeds“. Weed is a relative term – wintercress is highly regarded by all who value fresh native vitamins. They cook it instead of broccoli for an appetizing meal. Leaves and the inflorescences that are still in bud suit for cooking – plants in this stage of development are abundant at the moment.

The main flowering period of the Brassicaeae is at midsummer when warty cabbages, wild radishes and mustards add their yellow heads to the springtime species.




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