Latvian osprey chicks hatching

Text: Urmas Sellis, ESTLAT project coordinator
In the ESTLAT project "Eagles cross borders" a web camera was installed at a Latvian osprey nest too just before the ospreys arrived. It was known from earlier experiences that this osprey pair had always started nesting quite early.
When transmission from the camera started eggs were already in the nest and incubation had started.
Yesterday, May 21st, the first chick hatched; it isn’t yet quite clear if this is the only one up to now since the ospreys have piled up a high nest rim and the camera does not show the nest bottom. To start with the female bird sits often on the nest, warming the chick (and the eggs).
Image from web camera.
When the chicks grow it will be easier to count them. Until then I propose that there might be three chicks!
The chicks in the Estonian osprey nest will be nearly one month younger but they too must become independent in time for the autumn migration.




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