Is incubation coming to an end at the weekend?

Web camera image: Ame, Lk forum
Translation: Liis
The buzzard pair, (Pruuni and Halli, as forum people call the birds) had an egg in the nest on April 27, so four weeks have passed now. The female bird sits on the eggs, the male gives her a chance to stretch her legs and takes care of the menu.
Is there only one egg in the nest because it is no ”mouse year”?
Buzzards feed on the smallest mammals and also hunt smaller birds. Amphibians or reptiles are more seldom brought to the nest. Larger insects and earthworms are searched on the ground. That they feed on cadavers when available we have seen in the web camera.
In comparison with the other cameras the camera image from the white-tailed eagle nest, adjusted by the buzzards, is a little poorer – focus slipped out of place, but nesting cannot be disturbed and the web camera image cannot be adjusted by remote control.
Buzzards spend their entire lives in their territory and even the young birds stay near the parents’ territory if possible.




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