Blackbird chicks begin fledging

Photo and text: Mario
Translation: Liis
In early May our apartment was empty for some time. We soon discovered that every time that we entered the balcony, a bird quickly flew away. In the bottom of a flower pot we found five tiny eggs. It seems that we have a blackbird here. 
We try to disturb the nesters as little as possible, we don’t go too close to the nest but we could not resist the temptation to take one photo of the eggs and make sure that none was slipped there by a cuckoo. The eggs were five, four chicks are there today – there would not be room for more of them.
We have breakfast together – we on our side of the window on bread and butter, they on their side on little maggots.
During the last few days one or the other of the chicks climbs to the rim of the nest and stretches its wings, fervently waving them, but this we have not succeeded to capture in a photo.
How life in the nest has proceeded:
May 1st or a little earlier  - egg-laying started.
May 19th – chicks hatched, they were quite helpless
May 26th  - a chick seen stretching its wing for the first time.
The observation premises are in Nõmme, Tallinn.
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