Birder’s diary - 10.06

Birder Margus Ots,
 Translation: Liis
Red-footed falcon, female (10.06.2012 Puhja)

After several days a bird trip again. This time plans were to carry out a count in the northern end of the Sangla bog in Tartumaa.  In the bog itself no one particularly interesting was to be seen, all the birds that we met were typical and common bog inhabitants, for instance some black grouse and plovers, a great grey shrike  and of course any number of  tree pipits. The great surprise however came in early morning near Puhja village where a red-footed falcon was sitting on the power line. What was this creature doing in Estonia in June? Maybe it nests somewhere at the verge of the bog? This year red-footed falcons have been seen quite a number of times on spring migration in Estonia, for me it is already the 2nd encounter this year. They are usually seen in August on the autumn migration. As nester the red-footed falcon is a great rarity here.




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