Eaglets hatched, eagle exhibition open

Video: Macko, LK forum
Translation: Liis
Early  on Wednesday morning a chick was hatched in the nest of lesser spotted eagles Eha and Koit (Camera 1). At once as the first rays of sun reached the nest the mother dried the chick and tried to rouse its interest in food.
In the Latvian lesser spotted eagle nest the first eaglet was hatched on Tuesday.
Video: Fleur, LK forum
Eagles in Haapsalu
Dear nature friends!   The exhibition of eagle photos travelling in Estonia has reached Haapsalu. Läänemaa is the area where experienced eyes can discover white-tailed eagles every day, but mostly only at a respectful distance. Now you have the opportunity to see special moments from the everyday life of white-tailed eagles and ospreys in the photo stories by the best Estonian and Latvian wildlife photographers. The opening of the exhibition in the Jaani Gallery (Jaani tn 2) is on Thursday, June 14th, at 17:30. The exhibition can be seen until July 15th.
The travelling exhibition of eagle photos is part of the joint activity „Eagles cross borders“ of the Estonian Ornithological Society and the Latvian Fund for Nature, supported by the ESTLAT programme of the European Regional Development Fund. The exhibition travels in parallel in Estonia and Latvia during two years.




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