Early summer menu of brown bears

Web camera image: Agatheb, LK forum
Translation: Liis
This night the large male bear showed up on the observation grounds only for a moment
Brown bear    Pruunkaru     Ursus arctos
In nature everything flourishes, there has been no drought and the development of herbaceous plants is powerful. Brown bears mostly eat lush stems and leaves of plants: they enjoy common ground alder, cow parsley, wild angelica, hogweed and among the daisy (Compositae) family dandelions, burdock, cabbage thistle ... For us, just plain weeds.
They tear down ants’ nests, from there necessary proteins and amino acids that are needed for the organism in summer are obtained; on the forest floor a lot of insects and their larvae, making up about one third of the energy need, are found as well. As with all omnivores - all-eaters - the teeth of the brown bears are blunt. Slaying of wild animals has not been noticed in summer but no animal refuses a found cadaver.
Adult bear pairs have not been seen on the observation grounds any more, only single individuals – in mid-June the mating period ends.




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