Birder  Margus Ots
Foto: Arne Ader
Estbirding and Viron Lintuseura invite everybody to Estonian Open 2012 Birdrace.
Time: Saturday 18.08.2012 3:00 – 17:00 Race area: Saare county (including Saaremaa, Muhu, Ruhnu and other islands included in Saare county).
NB! Torgu Parish (Sõrve peninsula, is not included to
make the race more challenging and interesting.
Rules of the race can be found at:
The meeting will be held at Kuressaare Secondary School Hostel (SYG Hostel,, where teams are waited on Saturday evening at 18:00. Evening starts with dinner. The summary of the race starts at 19:00. Please don’t be late! After that sauna. Breakfast is served on Sunday morning at 8:00.
Participation fee (includes dinner, breakfast, housing, sauna) is 30.- EUR.
NB! Those who pay the fee before 13th of July the fee is 24.- EUR.
NB! If you don’t sleep at the SYG Hostel, the fee is 10 EUR.
It is possible to arrive day earlier but then you have to make necessary bookings and payments yourself (contacts can be found at the hostel website).
Please sign up for the race before 10th of August through or call  +372 50 82244 (Margus Ots).
Finnish teams can sign up through Risto Lammin-Soila (Viron Lintuseura):, +358 40 700 4784.
NB! Teams are officially signed up after paying the participation fee.
NB! Change in the rules of the race!
As last years one of the winning teams hasn’t reported a Rarities Committee species observation, the last year scores have been changed as a consequence. So, the Estonian Open 2011 winner is Team Rc & Pets with 119 species and Team Ristisaari helds second place with 118 species. To avoid similar uncomfortable situations we expect teams to fill the necessary documentation of encountered rarities during 7 days after the race. Otherwise these Rarities Committee species are deleted from the list.
NB! Local rarities in Saaremaa.
Several species which are common on mainland are extremely rare on islands. So we handle following species as Rarities Committee species and these have to be well seen (no heard-only observations)  or documented to avoid speculations afterwards: TETBON, TETURO, STRURA, DENLEU, DENMED, PICTRI, PICCAN, PARCRI, SITEUR.




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