Friday's birthday child

Web camera images: Lussi, LK forum
Translation: Liis

Family photo
The „apple of their eye“ of lesser spotted eagles Eha and Koit is one month old. Until fledging as long still remains. Small children, small worries, bigger ones ... Quite a lot more food is used up. The rainy weather doesn’t send frogs into their hiding places.
The thundery weather has brought about occasional breaks in the camera transmissions, and more have to be expected. Let’s hope that our technology won’t  be damaged. Touch wood!

A little older lesser spotted eagle Stephi (Camera 2) has not been in the best of health for the last few days. Ornithologists and veterinary doctor M. Leivits keep their eyes on things, but intervention is thought to be the last resort. Today the little spotted eagle chick shows appetite for food and looks a little more alert. 




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