Forest butterfly time lasts

Photos: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Poplar admiral
Poplar admiral    Haavalumik    Limentis populi
We associate poplar admirals with mixed or deciduous forest landscapes, and they fly high, at the tree tops. Its caterpillars feed on poplars or aspens – as reflected in the name of the butterfly. An investigator on the ground and the butterfly usually meet at water puddles where the butterflies come to drink, there also finding mineral substances, or at fresh animal manure - if there are still any cattle keepers in the neighbourhood.
The poplar admiral certainly belongs to our largest butterflies – its wing span is seven to eight centimetres. The upper side of the wings has blackish-brown and dark grey as main colours. The forewing patches and the rear wing band are  "natural white“. The edges of the rear wings are decorated with a blue pattern and orange arches. A poplar admiral’s wing undersides are quite colourful.
Poplar admiral




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