Small or big, in the forest you have to take care

Video: Urmas Lett,
Translation: Liis

On Wednesday afternoon a goshawk (Accipiter gentilis) attacked lesser spotted eagle Stephi. It all took place in the nest of Tuuli and Remo, Camera 2. The attacking goshawk was probably the female that is quite a bit larger than the male bird. Stephi’s weight is somewhere around a kilo and a half, the weight of the goshawk may be more than a kilo. As if were not enough that Stephi just had suffered some illness, now this attack too ... In general Stephi was lucky, the attacker clutched on to the closed wings on Stephi’s back and the injuries were thus probably not significant. The goshawk had quite certainly observed Stephi for some time and attempted to repeat the attack too. Our lesser spotted eagle spread out the wings to look bigger but certainly also because the wing elbows are important weapons for larger birds in parrying an antagonist’s attack.




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