Birder’s diary - 31.07

Birder: Margus Ots,
Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Red-necked phalaropes
In the morning I scoped at Põõsaspea cape to start with but largely no one was around on migration there. Only some scoter chains were moving towards southwest at sea. In Havers the waders were clearly fewer than yesterday but the species were many as before. During two days I saw altogether 24 species of waders in Havers, this location can justly be named as the best wader hot spot of Läänemaa. The greater part of the day I spent at the best bird of prey locations but no one in particular was around to be noted. My observations are in the e-Biodiversity database as before.
In the evening I was back in Tartu. Where to go on trips on the following days needed some considering. To Saaremaa or to the Pulgoja bird station on the south-western coast or back to Läänemaa or somewhere quite else? In a few days you will see which beach or forest I landed in.
Summary of July
In July I was on relatively few trips. I made some longer birding trips to western and northern Estonia, on twitching trips I also came to Sõrve säär – twitching the red-headed bunting did not succeed – and Kihnu island – the crested lark got seen. Quite much time went on visiting old locations for the European roller and the short-toed eagle in July, but these species stayed unobserved by me. Only two species were added to my year list in July – the crested lark on July 18th on Kihnu island and the sanderling on July 23rd at Paljassaare. New species will come seldom now because all the common creatures have been seen and the missing species are rarities that will take hard work to find. Altogether my 2012 list at the end of July has 266 bird species .
In July only 118 observation hours were added (beginning from the start of the year, 1133), kilometres travelled 4551 (from the beginning of the year, 31891) and trip kilometres by foot in July were 88 (from the beginning of the year, 709). Relatively many driving kilometres collected in July mainly because I made several longer tours to investigate new areas. In August a more hectic migration will already be on and trip kilometres will surely be more then.




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