Hoverflies will not sting

Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Hoverfly on Japanese or upright hedge parsley (Torilis japonica)
Hoverflies     Sirelased     Syrphidae
In August we often come across the hoverflies or flower flies: wasp-looking insects. Smaller than wasps, they are mistakenly believed to have a poison sting, but they have not, and stinging is not to be feared. Birds and animals don’t dare to touch them – the protective colouring or mimicry - the resemblance to other stinging creatures - protects them.
The imagos of the two-winged hoverflies look very different but the mode of living is quite similar – daytime fliers that feed on flower nectar. These masters of flight use hovering flight and can at need even fly backwards. 




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