Year of the Wolf

Photo: Sven Zacek,
Translation: Liis
Wolf in snowfall.
Wolf; Gray wolf     Hunt      Canis lupus
More than sixty mammal species live in Estonia besides man. Our rich animal world calls for attention. So let us begin, and why not with the clever wolf, the animal who arouses many conflicting feelings. Cautious, rarely seen, secretive – information efforts are clearly called for throughout the year.
To explain what happens in nature to modern urbanised man, simply yet accurately, is a tough challenge. We no longer have everyday relations to field and forest life. In order to describe the ecological relationships we need appropriate examples and images.
The wolf is as if made for this – its role in nature is singularly thought-provoking. As other large carnivores, the wolf helps to maintain healthy populations of animals. It is not called forest sanitarian in vain.
The animal of the year was elected by Eesti Terioloogia Selts - Estonian Theriological Society, Looduskalender, Looduse Omnibuss, Eesti Looduskaitse Selts - Estonian Nature Conservation Society, Eestimaa Looduse Fond - Estonian Fund for Nature, Eesti Metsaselts - Estonian Forest Society, Tallinna Loomaaed - Tallinn Zoo, Eesti Loodusmuuseum - Estonian Museum of Natural History, and  journal Loodusesõber.
A Song of Wolves:
Laul huntidest - Song of Wolves
Kalev Plink / Peep Männil,  Ajutine Valitsus
English translation below
Through wintery woods and frozen marshes
With birches in hoarfrost cracking from cold
An endless trail winds in the snow,
Leads to a lie
Wolves moved in here before early light
The morning sun knows nothing of them
The predator family rests here
A peaceful and pleasant place
Along the bog on a meandering ridge
Trots a grey predator row
Going somewhere, against the wind
And from where  they came bones remain
Where wasteland spreads and forests are wide
here is home, his place is here
Settled on the outskirts of  land,
Less threatening dangers to fear
Centuries of wars were fought against wolves
And poison was mixed in food
He has been damned, he has been cursed
Yet he persists, he is tough
Chorus: .....
Wolf howls have bred horror and fright
None dared go out in the night
The mind and might of wolves was feared
His name must not be said
He is not from god but devil-created
Spells were cast to protect herds
Girls were hung for werewolves
And the darkness only sheltered him.
Chorus: .....
Now forests remain, marshes remain
And the war is past and the curses are withdrawn
His home is the forests, for sleep, for food,
For mating and young
Across wintery forests and frozen bogs
With birches in hoarfrost cracking from cold
An endless trail meanders in the snow
Here is his home and lie
Chorus 2x 




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