A week in the forest – the contrasts of change

Text and photos Marko Kübarsepp
Translation: Liis
"Wolf main road“ on the last snow, Kibura village, spring 2012
Let us have a look at the state of our snow conditions before the great spring thaw: on the western side of Saaremaa there was snow only locally. In West Estonia the snow cover thickness is over fifteen centimetres. In East Estonia up to half a metre has been measured in placers. After the visit of two southerly low-pressure areas South-East Estonia has a nearly 70 centimetres thick snow cover. Spring is breaking in through an open window, everything is changing, and not by days but hourly.
The flood waters lay in wait, air warmth is added. Animals are also gradually preparing for the birth of a new generation. In wolf families pups should be born in the last week of this month, or in just a couple of weeks. How successful the breeding season has been we will finally know only in autumn, when the wolves again begin to lead a more active life. Summing up, the most hidden and silent period in the wolves’ year is about to begin. 




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