How Kirke met wolves

“I told my class that I saw a wolf”, says Kirke Relve, who won the young wolf friend prize of magazine Loodusesõber, recalling the event from a year ago. ”The others in my class were not particularly surprised really, but our teacher said that this is rare”. Kirke had the luck to see something extraordinary, she herself understood it at once and when she got home from the hiking trail she drew and wrote down the important event to remember it.
Kirke Relve at the closing event of the Year of the Wolf in the Estonia Concert Hall in December 2013.  Photo Mats Kangur
Mum Gunnel:
"Between Christmas and New Year the whole family stayed in a small village on the old post road at the Tartumaa – Põlvamaa border. On rambling in the surrounding forests we enjoyed the enchanting undulating landscape. One day we had planned to find the watching tower at the Põrgurada and Penijärve hiking trail. We chose the wrong path to start with and were a bit late, it was already getting dark. But we were already very close to the watching tower, walking along the ploughed trail up the hill, when Kirke who was running a few meters in front of us, suddenly stopped and cried: "Come quickly! Wolves!" I hurried up and saw two grey shapes quickly disappearing between the trees, the people behind usdidn’t see anything any longer. There was no time for photographing, all passed so quickly that I didn’t even have time to get my camera out. When we got home in the evening Kirke at once drew what she had seen.”
Translation: Liis




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