Tawny owl camera

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Translation: Liis


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A little history: the Tawny owl  was selected by the  Estonian Ornithological Society as Bird of the Year in 2009. It was a good reason for installing a web camera in the tawny owls’ nest hollow for the first time.
That time the female laid her first egg already on March 1st, which was 3 weeks earlier than usual. The web camera transmitting the images from the nest hollow turned out to be very popular, and so it was decided to start the camera the next year as well. In the cold early spring of 2010 the female laid her first egg only on April 6th. The tawny owl pair were named Klaara and Klaus by the Looduskalender forum members.
An autumn storm the year before last broke the nest tree of the tawny owls in Matsalu. Employees of the Environmental Board (Keskkonnaamet) and RMK crafted a nest block from the same hollow tree for Klaus and Klaara, which was installed near the old nest site. On March 1st 2013 the Estonian Ornithological Society (Eesti Ornitoloogiaühing) installed a small Mobotixi IR camera under the roof of the nest hollow (Mobotix representative in Estonia Beta Grupp OÜ) and IR lightning suitable for the nest hollow (assembled by  Videovalve) Tawny owls Klaara and Klaus started their nesting on March 19th.
There are always problems with technology: the web camera had to be replaced but fortunately it was within the warranty repair: the aerial was damaged and the control system needed revision. Equipment must be ordered and such goods doesn’t arrive just in a few days.
Klaara has started laying eggs and nest life is visible now.
The camera stream reaches Tartu and the EENeti  server from Läänemaa by way of Tele2/Televõrgu connections. More details on what goes on are in the  looduskalender forum and the web site of the Estonian Ornithological Society.
The Keskkonnainvesteeringute Keskus (KIK; Environmental Investment Centre) supports the tawny owl web camera project of the Estonian Ornithological Society.
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