New Cameras

New Cameras


Small Bird Feeder Webcam

Photo: Arne Ader
NB! Camera closed from March 20, 2009.

Today, January 14th, we open the Small Bird Feeder Camera season. There is a better Mobotix camera for the display than last year. We have spent the last few weeks on straightening out technical problems. Arne has been feeding the birds from the start, and the bird photos are also by him. The camera is situated at the window of the office at Otepää. The place has been tried and proved good: we will see the town behaviour of birds wintering here.
We will introduce our feeder visitors gradually, also add interesting videos, and the forum is open to all registered members. 
ELION handles the video stream from  Otepää to Tartu and 
EENet multiplies the video stream image to our viewers as needed.
If You can´t see this stream with media player, try our Web Player.