Week 20, 17.05.– 23.05.2010, at Jõgeva

Text: Laine and Vello Keppart
Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Meadow foxtail.
The weather stayed warm as in mid-summer, and dry. Temperatures were 7- 10 degrees above average. Daytime air temperature rose to 21 – 26 degrees and the nights were also warm, 7 – 10 degrees. The soil dried to a pale colour on the surface, but deeper down there was enough humidity for plants.
During the week cherries, plum, pears finished their flowering; In the middle of the week apple trees, lilacs, oaks, rowans and horse chestnuts started flowering. Last year there were no cones at all on the spruces; this year out of thousands of spruces a few display new cones in the tops of the crowns.
The crowns of pines became ever more yellow from the male cones and in the middle of the week shedding of pollen started. Most ashes got their leaves out. The seed fluff of willows and aspen flew in the air. Berry bushes show the first rudimentary berries. The development of oaks at the end of the week was nearly 10 days in advance of the long-time average.
Seas of yellow dandelion flowers were everywhere. Lawns were mown. The grass grows very vigorously. The meadow foxtail showed its spike in the beginning of the week and flowered at the end of the week. Late red clover grew nearly 30 centimetres high in the fields.
In the landscape beautifully yellow fields of flowering winter rape and turnip rape caught the eye. The summer cereals were basically in the third leaf development stage at the end of the week, winter rye started to form its ears, summer rape germinated, most potatoes in the neighbourhood had been planted. The seeds sown in garden beds germinated, but also weeds.

The flocks of geese were gone from the fields. The golden oriole and warblers arrived. For several days two white-tailed eagles circled and called high up in the sky at the eastern border of the town. The thrushes already have their young of from the nests. Mosquitoes became more numerous with each day: more and more enervating when being outdoors in the evenings and pressing to get indoors through the windows. The first dragonflies and gadflies flittered around.

Jõgeva, 24.05.2010.




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