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Info from publisher Hea Lugu
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Herbaariumi käsiraamat (A herbarium manual), author Toomas Kukk.
We have all probably at some time in our lives placed a plant or flower between the pages of a book to dry. In doing so, we have almost started making a herbarium, but it is still a long way to go from there to a proper herbarium. The creation of a proper herbarium is a laborious task, and of course it is sensible to plan such large work so that nothing must be remade later. A herbarium can certainly also have scientific interest; probably every author of a herbarium would want his or her contribution of labour to be worthy of a place in a large scientific herbarium.
Numerous guides have been published at various times on making herbariums. The present manual focuses on Estonian conditions. Essentially, the collecting of plants is a craft where in addition to the methods described every master has his own knacks and personal features. The purpose of the collection of plants remains the same: to produce the best possible herbarium material, well dried and scientifically significant. The most convenient and fastest methods become evident in the course of the actual work.
The book is available in major bookstores or can be ordered online.




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