VIDEO: Unsuccessful meal

Video recorded by Bea, Lk forum
Translation Liis
Osprey        Kalakotkas       Pandion haliaetus
Beginning of the autumn month, schools have started. Male osprey Joosep has spoilt the young ospreys. The juveniles watch out for the adult, and start begging all together and in chorus when he appears, but, dear friends, who learns your fishing for you then?
We see in the video how the outcome of the scuffle is that all are left without fish. The ”tots” don’t yet understand enough to go looking for the fish on the ground under the nest tree: ravens and crows collect food for free there.
Nest life is not for much longer any more, in 10 days time the young birds in both nests will be 3 months old. Soon hunger must do its task and the juveniles must be able to fend for themselves in life on migration; they will, too, no reason to worry.
Truly beautiful plumage, really a pity to wet or soil it, but soon it cannot be avoided.




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