Estonian Bird of the Year for 2016 announced

Text Riho Kinks,
Photo Arne Ader
Translation Liis
Great tit
Last weekend, at the summer meeting of the Estonian Ornithological Society, the Bird of the Year for 2016 was announced. It is the great tit. The great tit was chosen because it is one of the most common birds in Estonia whose doings can be observed everywhere all the year round. Moreover, other tits too will be introduced during the Year of the Great Tit, as well as the birds visiting birdfeeders in winter and nesting in our gardens in summer. But until then it is still half a year to go, and presently it is the Year of the Buzzards that is running. More information on the EOÜ website: LINK
The Estonian Ornithological Society selects an Estonian Bird of the Year since 1995, and the great tit is the 22nd in the row. The aim of selecting a Bird of the Year is to introduce an Estonian bird species or group of species to the public and to involve nature enthusiasts in the investigations and protection activities for that bird.
Presentatioins of previous Birds of the Year are on the EOÜ website: LINK

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