Mornings with rime

Photos: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Landscape at Hinnomäe. Otepää uplands
Härmatis       Soft rime
On slightly frosty and a little windy mornings in late autumn a beautiful view of nature opens, even a little mystical. At a few minus degrees a grainy rime settles on tree branches and plants. The structure of this rime is amorphous or non-crystalline, its surface is knobbly. This happens at the freezing of cooled mist drops: the mist drops freeze very rapidly and do not have the time to lose their shape. A snow-like precipitate is created that consists of tiny frozen grains that cannot be distinguished from each other by a naked eye.
When the air turns warmer in the morning a glaze frost dangerous for people on the move may form.
Frost on water plantain




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