Night-time lighting at the deer webcam quite satisfactory

Image from webcam recorded by Bea, LK forum
Translation: Liis
Before the weekend Omar, from Hatcam, from whom the camera as well as the lighting that is invisible to a human eye was purchased, visited to regulate the entire system, and the image was significantly improved – lack of experience sometimes can be sorely felt and good advice is not easy to come by. All things have to be tested on ”one’s own skin”, shortcomings mapped and equipment reinstalled or even replaced when needed.
The observation site has already been visited by deer bulls with eight-pronged as well as three-pronged antlers, and a deer cow. The deer bull Huubert, familiar from last winter, was named after the saint of hunters, St Hubertus. Last winter the magnificent bull wore 14-pronged antlers – this year we see 7 on the left and on the right-hand antler 8 prongs.
Image captured by  Konny, LK forum
The webcam viewers have recently seen the doings of the badger whose ”sett” is less than half a kilometre away and who in spite of the cold weather in the meantime is still active – oh, they have really fattened up. A couple of boar sows with young boars and piglets. A lone quite big male boar. In daytime some young foxes intent on the apples, who consider the observation ground as their territory – until the mating period in late winter foxes do not tolerate other foxes on their marked territory.  In the photo below we can see how the winter fur first appears on the hind legs and tail .
Web camera image recorded by  IceAge, LK forum




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