Book presentation on Tuesday

Publisher Varrak and author Kristel Vilbaste present the book „Jõhvikas (Cranberry)“ on September 16 in the Apollo bookstore in tthe Solaris centre.
Ain Raal talks with Kristel. Mikk Sarv and friends sing songs from Laanetaguse. A variety of cranberries are offered for tasting.
“Eat yourself healthy!” is the most important experience that old people have to hand us. In the mossy heart of our bogs a berry is hidden that will provide a long lifetime. It is the cranberry. Just 3 cranberries each day helps to live to almost a hndred years old.

In the book you will find guides on how to prepare cranberry remedies and true health-food recipes for everybody’s table. You can even read about what is hidden in the “heart” of a cranberry and what scientists say about it.
The story of Estonia’s cranberry research and cultivation during nearly half a century has been set down in writing. You will learn what real beauties the berries of the common cranberry cultivars are. You will find precise instructions on how to create a cranberry bed of a few square metres in your home garden that will produce a yield sufficient for the winter use of a family
And of course tips will be shared on where in the bog to find cranberries and how to pick, clean and store them efficiently.
Kristel has raised the question whether the cranberry could be elected to be our national berry”?
It is the only berry that does not need any special care for saving. With it serious infectious and skin diseases were treated. It has been the scurvy cure for our brave explorers and a well-known blood pressure reducer during the medicine shortage in the Soviet era. With it even smoke intoxications have been treated – for this a berry was placed in the ear. 
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