VIDEO: Badger business

Video recorded by Fleur, LK forum
Translation: Liis
Badger; European badger     Mäger       Meles meles
The video  shows the movement characteristics of this ancient inhabitant of our nature nicely. The body length of this badger may be around 70 centimetres, the head about 12 centimetres, tail more than 15 centimetres. Now is just the time when the winter fat is collected, the individual seen here already weighs more than 10 kilos. If a pair should come into the open together then the male should be the larger. If we see three animals, we should have to do with a female with the pups of this spring with her. The badger is a somewhat secretive creature and few have come across him in the woods. Their mode of life is well known by older hunters who have been interested in such an animal.
In evening dusk badgers set out on the first forage round. Out of the nest and on its well trodden paths movement must be against the wind. The sense of smell of a cave-living creature is always the best, seeing and hearing on the poor side. What they fatten up with for the winter: whatever comes up, on the path some earthworms can be found, lingonberries are sought as well as other wild berries, in Saaremaa many crab apple treess, hazels and oaks grow – spilled fruits must be looked for. A tour is made of known and familiar grain fields, and so a couple of hours are gone;  a little snooze in the nest would be nice. Towards morning a second trip might be made unless hunger begins to pinch earlier…
Image from webcam captured by Airras, LK forum
Badger tracks photographed by Tiit Hunt
The trace of the forefoot is 5x5 centimetres, the tracks from the hind legs slightly  smaller as the photo shows. When walking, step length is around half a metre but on fleeing foot traces are a metre apart. A badger has five toes, and a digger must have decent nails.  




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