VIDEO: Innocent-looking robbers

Video recorded by Urmas Lett,
Translation Liis
Mallard        Sinikael-part         Anas platyrhynchos
Here is a video sequence that is probably unique, showing mallards (three individuals: two males and one female) looting the trout spawning ground. Already last year we noticed movements of ducks  in the dark in evenings, but the purpose of their doings was left open.

The video documentation from last night shows the targetted and “trained” activities for getting hold of the trout roe from the bottom of the stream. We have not had cause to link the presence of mallards at trout spawning grounds with looting. But it seems unlikely that the birds yesterday, seen acting so purposefully, would be the only ones to behave like this

Spawning ground in the morning, and in the evening after the mallards’ looting.

Images arranged for comparison by Hagnat, LK forum





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