75 years of cold record

Text Laine Keppart, agrometeorologist at Estonian Crop Research Institute 
Photo: Arne Ader
Translation:  Liis
On January 17 in 1940 a minimum air temperature of -43,5 °C was registered at the Jõgeva weather station. It has remained the Estonian cold record to date. The following winter almost as severe cold (‑43,4 °C) was measured at the Võru weather station. Such near-record air temperatures have not occurred later according to data from Estonian weather stations. Only data registered at official weather stations in standard conditions are accepted into the cold record count.
On the last days of December of 1978  the lowest air temperature was 42,6 °C  recorded at the Narva weather station.
The cold record of the present century (i. e. beginning with the year 2000) in Estonia is -36,7 °C, measured in Jõgeva on January 11, 2003.
The cold record of this winter so far is  ‑20,7 °C  measured in Väike- Maarja on January 7th. In Jõgeva -20,1°C was measured on the same night which is in second place in the ranking list of colds.
An in-depth overview can be read in newspaper Vooremaa: LINK (in Estonian)




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