Water-agrimony flowering

Photos Arne Ader
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Water-agrimony   Harilik vesikanep        Eupatorium cannabinum
Water-agrimony has little relationship to agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria) or to the hemp (Cannabis sativa) in its Estonian name, vesikanep, ”water hemp”, except that its leaves remind of those of hemp.
We find the beautifully flowering water-agrimony in wetlands along road verges, in wet meadows and river backwaters . When it grows in large groups on fertile and lime-rich soil  it may be waist high or higher. A flowering field of the plant in such habitats is a splendid sight.
Water-agrimony belongs to the Compositae or Daisy family. It has bisexual capitula flowers, usually collected in groups of 5, forming an inflorescence of a few millimetres size. These in turn are gathered in larger complex inflorescences. So the large and beautiful inflorescences with a diameter up  to 10 centimetres, are formed.
The Latin name Eupatorium is said to commemorate king Mithridates Eupator (about 100 BC), who used it as a herb. The species name cannabinum refers to the similarity of the leaves to those of hemp.
Navesti river. Lepakose




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