VIDEO: Expected visitor

Video recorded by Pinkeluza, LK forum
Translation Liis
Brown bear    Pruunkaru or karu   Ursus arctos
The Alutaguse camera is online from Wednesday. And although people had been busy on the observation site a bear turned up in the evening dusk.
The number of bears in Estonian forests is currently estimated at up to 600 individuals, including this winter’s cubs who are about 7 ½ months old now.
In late autumn bears begin to prepare for the winter sleep. At the moment the fattening-up is in progress, there have been enough berries, now oat fields tempt. Just before going into winter sleep bears have a fasting period so that the intestines will be properly empty. Female bears spend the winter with the cubs.
In August the bear hunting period started; it lasts for three months. Efforts are made to keep the honey-lovers away from hives. Young animals who started their independent lives in spring and are 2 ½ years old by now are the most fearless ones. Siblings often keep company in the games and fun of youths that sadly may turn out fatal for them.

Image from webcam by  IceAge, LK forum

Large adult on the move…




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