VIDEO: Badgers worked hard...

Video record and text by Tiit Hunt,
Translation Liis
Badger; Eurasian badger   Mäger or määr      Meles meles
Intricate thing, this badger life. How much do we really know about their life?
The webcam monitoring of them poses questions all the time that they have not yet delivered any answers to.
In early spring one more opening to the den was dug out; the badgers scraped out soil and hauled in plenty of fresh nesting material, scratched themselves side by side in front of the den  - all seemed to run smoothly – but where are the cubs?
When the cubs should have poked their noses out of the castle Kadi and the ”boyfriend” whose name might be Tõnis, disappeared completely for three weeks. Only glimpses were seen on a couple of occasions.
Now, on June 25th, in broad daylight the badger pair could be watched for almost an hour and a half. I have never before seen, heard or read that a mating of a badger pair can last for an hour and a half continuously.
Now attentive citizens of many countries who watch the badger camera are wiser by this knowledge.
We look forward with great interest to the next surprise that might provide more new knowledge of the behaviour of badgers.

Thursday’s family planning. Image from webcam by Aita, LK forum





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