About the mouse year

Reflexions on "mouse year" by Tiit Hunt, RMK
Photo: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Nest of field vole
A good year for potatoes or for grain  is a rather clear thing. When a field produces a harvest that is significantly larger than usual then it is a good year.
But what does a good mouse year mean? And good for whom? How to measure it? From what month does a good mouse year starta? Does it last the whole year or will it instead start in July and end in October?
There may not be many mice around at all after the winter months, but suddenly great numbers of them are scurrying around when the crop is being  harvested in a good grain year. The number of mice varies by multiples within the year and they are most numerous in autumn. At the same time the number of the species that feed on rodents and exploit their large numbers is also greater..
If there are not enough mouse catchers and the mice have enough food and favourable weather conditions then of course more mice survive and so a good ”mouse year” arrives“.
See Tiit Hunt’s ”From woods to clear-cuts” -  HERE




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