Heart of summer of clustered bellflowers

Photos: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Clustered bellflower
Clustered bellflower      Kerakellukas       Campanula glomerata
Dry meadows are the main habitat of the clustered bellflower, it can also be found in sparse forests, and on road and ditch verges, and also in some parks, always near deciduous trees. The plant is characterised by dense foliage that is pretty from spring into late autumn.
The flowers of the clustered bellflower are gathered in the tip of the stem, creating a small globe of less than 10 centimetres. Study the plant closer to see why this is so – the flowers of the clustered bellflower have no stalk. The bristly bellflower (Campanula cervicaria)  is similar and also without flower stalks but its stems and leaves are covered with dense, bristly hairs and it is a rarely found bellflower.
Meadow with clustered bellflowers




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