Edible winter mushroom useful to know

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Velvet stem; Winter mushroom; Velvet foot  Puidu-sametkõrges       Flammulina velutipes
 The Japanese cultivate the velvet stem or winter mushroom – enokitake – as a delicacy and for medical purposes in artificial environments. In Estonia velvet stems have been seen and picked already for some weeks.
Where to find it? A broadleaf forest mushroom – usually on willows but sometimes on grey alder wood: on tree stumps, fallen trunks or live trees, being both a saprophyte and semi-parasitic. The caps of the velvet stem are thickly slimy, honey yellow to orange in colour. The diameter of the cap is up to 8 centimetres. They grow together in clumps and may cover large areas. The feet of the mushroom are velvety and dry. Only fresh caps are edible, the feet are hard and tough, there is no point in taking them home.

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