Spring butterflies Part I: small tortoiseshell and scarce tortoiseshell

Text and photos  Urmas Tartes
 Translation Liis
Small tortoiseshell
Small tortoiseshell     Koerliblikas or väike-koerliblikas        Aglais urticae
Scarce tortoiseshell      Valgetähn-pajuliblikas         Nymphalis xanthomelas
 One of the best-known harbingers of a “motley summer” has always been the small tortoiseshell. We can meet it all over Estonia. For many years a black-orange-yellow-patterned butterfly could almost infallibly be named as a small tortoiseshell. But today this  patterned butterfly seen in spring needs a closer study, because  the number of a very similar close relative has increased significantly particularly during the last five years – that of the scarce tortoiseshell.
Scarce tortoiseshell
Telling the small tortoiseshell and the scarce tortoiseshell apart needs attention but it  can be done visually. The scarce tortoiseshell is a little larger than the small tortoiseshell, its wing pattern is a little less clearly contrasting. The most striking feature is perhaps the basal area – nearest to body - on the top side of the hind wings: it is orange on the scarce tortoiseshell, mostly black on the small tortoiseshell. Springtime butterflies always have worn or even damaged wing pattern parts; that can sometimes mislead in the determination of a detail.
It does not matter if we first met the small tortoiseshell or the scarce tortoiseshell in spring – both foretell a splendid and varied summer. Even if the “lark winter” caused a little pause in their flights, that had started around Women’s day, they will delight us again as the weather turns warmer.
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