Pleasure to observe the white-tailed eagles

Web camera image captured by Airras, LK forum
Translation Liis
From the WTE camera motor saw noise and barking dogs can be heard. As can be seen it is a rather new nest where the surroundings have not yet been taken under protection; in some aspects interesting how the eagles will manage in these conditions. The forest works must be finished by Monday, February 15th, to ensure an undisturbed nest life, Janis Kuze asserts. We hope that all will be suitable to the “plans” of the WTEs. Two farmsteads are also in the vicinity of the camera.
The nest is still small for the large birds, but it is interesting to observe how the structure grows in front of our eyes. Twigs are constantly being brought to the edges of the nest, spruce branches are piled on the nest bottom – water runs easily off through them  – and reed banks are not far off for softer nest material needs …
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