Last to flower of native trees

Photos: Arne Ader
Translation: Liis
Lime flowering
Small-leaved lime     Harilik pärn        Tilia cordata
About 10 foreign species of lime are used in parks in cities and these so-called urban limes we already see flowering. On them we see round or broadly egg-shaped leaves with a more or less heart-shaped look and serrated margins.
The native lime trees in Estonia are only starting their flowering (July 8th). The yellowish-green or yellowish–white flowers are gathered in corymbs and at the flower stalk a pale green elongated bract that looks like a wing is attached.  
In such hazy, warm and light summer nights as we have reached now a constant insect buzz is heard from the honey-smelling tree crowns.
Estonia has native forests with a dominance of small-leaved lime only on maybe some tens of hectares. If anyone goes to the waters of Narva River to go hiking on the Poruni virgin forest trails – they will get there to the lime flowering time.
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