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VIDEO: 15 minutes with white-tailed eagles

Video recorded by Urmas Lett, www.eenet.ee
Eagle photographed in West Virumaa by Peep Käspre
Translation Liis
White-tailed eagle; Sea eagle    Merikotkas          Haliaeëtus albicilla
Adult white-tailed eagles are largely sedentary, young birds roam around until they become sexually mature and find themselves a mate. The leg rings of the female in this nest show us her Estonian origin. The positive state of WTEs is gratifying because in the whole of Europe only 6 500 pairs breed.
About the eagle pair: females are larger and heavier, weight on average five kilos, the males are about a kilo lighter. On the white tail feathers of the male in the video we see some black patches. The plumage of adult birds is similar throughout the year.
The white-tailed eagle has caught a brown hare
White-tailed eagles will not only hunt on the seashore. In autumn it is worthwhile to keep an eye on forests. During the hunting season WTEs have plenty of opportunities to find ample meals.
In Peep’s photo the WTE has grasped a brown hare in its talons.




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