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VIDEO: First feeding of eagle chick

Video recorded by Macko, LK forum
Translation Liis
Below the male eagle is warming the chick. For those who do not know yet – only the female has rings and she too feeds the chick.
What is served – the richer morsels from  the fish belly. On the upper beak of the chick we can see a paler spot: it should be the egg tooth and it may no longer be visible a day later. The egg tooth has fulfilled its mission …

Image from webcam captured by  Liz, LK forum

The pike fishing ban during spawning is valid for fishermen and not eagles (in inland waters until May 10th, and in the sea until the end of April). It seems that the eagles have understood the minimum measure requirement: including the tail it is 45 centimetres. To catch the fish heading for the spawning areas in shallow water is no problem for the eagles.




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