Winter White-Tailed Eagle Camera News

Eagle camera from the winter feeding ground closes

Summary by Renno Nellis, Kotkaklubi
Screencaps selected from LK forum
Transmission courtesy of Tele2/Televõrk and EENet
Translation: Liis
The 5th season of the winter white-tailed eagle web camera is coming to an end; the winter this year has had more eagles than previous years, and it has been very exciting to observe their doings. During the winter about 150 different white-tailed eagles visited the feeding ground, one golden eagle, some buzzards, and other smaller birds. The moveable camera with zoom function allowed us to read the coloured leg rings of 45 white-tailed eagles, 18 of whom were hatched in Estonia. The largest number of visitors came from Finland (23 birds), three eagles were from Sweden and, surprisingly, one from Lithuania.
The Estonian Ornithological Society, the Eagle Club (Kotkaklubi) and Looduskalender thank the SA Silma Märgala and the Beta Group for their help in transmitting the image. The souls of the venture have been eagle men Renno Nellis and Tiit Randla.
Great thanks to the camera operators: Mutikluti, Jo, Andres and Aivar; without their contributions the white-tailed eagle camera would not have been feasible, as has been clearly seen. The operators moved the camera during almost three months during the whole of daylight time!
Many thanks also to the active LK forum members and the moderator of the winter white-tailed eagle camera forum, Ame. The work of the eagle men was made much easier since ringed eagles that appeared on the feeding ground were recorded
The work was supported by the ESTLAT programme by way of the project "Eagles cross borders" of the Estonian Ornithological Society"Eagles cross borders".
Next year we will not see the camera view from the now familiar site. We will try to find an alternative site, which may not be easy nor necessarily successful. The camera will be disconnected before the Easter holidays.
Thanks to all viewers!




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