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Week 26, 24.6.2013-30.6.2013. At Jõgeva

Text by Laine and Vello Keppart
Photo: Arne Ader
Weed control on rape field
Temperatures remained above norm. Maximum daytime temperatures reached from 21 to 29 degrees and 13 to 18 at night. It was raining almost every day, however, the amount of precipitation was not very big. Thursday witnessed bigger rainfall, together with thunder. Jõgeva weather station recorded 12 mm as the amount of weekly precipitation, but this was not very much for plants, considering the dryness and high temperatures before that. Soil became moist only on the surface and that for a short period. Garden beds needed watering.
On fields, winter cereals entered the phase of milk ripeness, summer cereals had developed ears and summer wheat was flowering. Blossoming turned summer rape fields yellow. Extensive flowering period of lindens continued. Lindens had flowers abundantly this year. In gardens, the first raspberries became ripe by the end of the week. Also purple loosestrife and creeping bellflower started to blossom on grasslands.
At Jõgeva, 1.7.2013




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