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Owl camera transmission ended

Web camera image captured by Maggy, LK forum
Translation Liis
Just before leaving the nest…
Our thanks to all who have been engaged in the life of the tawny owls and to the LK forum whose members have documented all important events.
Out of Klaara’s five eggs, two owlets have left the home to discover the world.
The owlets leave the nest at the same time:
The bigger sits at the nest hollow opening and the smaller tries to make room for itself to get out and see the world. They leave nearly at the same time and as the web camera has shown, no-one returns to the nest hollow.
In their home park the owlets, cared for by adults Klaara and Klaus, grow into young owls. As yet they climb by beak and talons along the branches, and  at night food begging calls are heard. In June they will already make flying exercises. The family keeps together two and a half up to three months. In August the juveniles are already experienced enough to start their own individual lives.
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