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Teise kurekaamera uudised.

Black stork camera closes

Since most black storks have already started their migration towards south the nest of Tiit and Tiina that we have watched has also been left empty. Two storklets grew up nicely and have obviously found the right flight direction.
There were three storklets in the nest but one injured its beak and had to go to the veterinary hospital.

Nesting this year started ten days earlier than the year before; the first adult appeared at the nest on March 28th; the pair was not seen until April 10th, the first egg was in the nest on April 14th and with intervals of two days three more eggs came. The chicks hatched on May 20th, all three on the same day. The fourth egg was not hatched.
The storklets left the nest on August 9th; after that only the adults were to be seen a couple of times at the nest, and then it remained empty. The whole nesting period can be remembered by reading the forum...

Tiina spent several hours in the nest on her last visit and we will probably not see her again until the next spring.




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