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News of Alutaguse nature camera.

Alutaguse forest or bear camera

Transmission courtesy of ElisaTelevõrk AS and EENet
Translation Liis
Stream for mobile devices: iPhone, iPadAndroid, VLC
The viewing ground has been prepared by  Natourest and 360 Kraadi. The transmission starts later than usual because the aerials of the transmitter-receiver needed replacing and the microphone in the forest has been changed to a more sensitive one.
From the forest the signal travels by way of   Interline aerials to the mobile tower of  Elisa 8 km away, and from there into the Televõrk  fibre-optic  cable. The Televõrk carry the original camera image to the  EENet  server, where it is decoded and split for viewers.
The system in the forest is powered by solar energy panels.
The LK forum keeps their watchful eyes on all that happens.
Contributing to bring the images from the Alutaguse forest camera into your computer·
  •         Cameras  - Mobotix - Beta Grupp OÜ
  •          Aerials for  transmission   - Wifinet
  •          Signal transmission to EENet server - Televõrk AS
  •          Sharing of stream, server space - EENet
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