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Bear camera takes a summer break

Text Triin
Web camera image captured by Airras, LK forum
Translation Liis
The bilberries in Alutaguse are ripe, soon raspberries too, then lingonberries….

We will leave the brown bears on their own to find their natural food in the environment. After the ”summer break” we start again in the second half of August.

Image captured by IceAge, LK forum
Today a young fox cub was observing the area…
From the forest the camera signal goes by way of   Interline´s aerials to the Elisa mobile tower 8 kilometres away, and from there into the Televõrgud fibre-optic cable. Televõrgud carry the initial camera image to the EENet server where it is decoded and distributed to viewers.
Thanks you to all viewers and the members of the LK forum who have recorded all important events and doings!
Until meeting again!




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