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VIDEO: Bear camera ends transmission

Video recorded by Pinkeluza, LK forum
Translation Liis
Bear; Brown bear   Karu or pruunkaru     Ursus arctos
From October 1st feeding of game animals is prohibited in Estonian forests, and so the bear camera ends its transmission. Usually we have closed a couple of weeks later.
Bears generally start their hibernation in November; before that they have to fast for nearly a month to empty the intestines – they do not defecate during the winter sleep.
From the forest the signal reached the Elisa mobile mast at 8 kilometres distance by way of the Interline antennas, and from there went into the Televõrgud fibre optic cable. Televõrgud carried the initial camera image to the EENet server where it was decoded and split for viewers.
LK forum members have recorded all significant events – our thanks to the careful observers: LINK
Yesterday’s webcam image of the bear was captured by IceAge, LK forum




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