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End of season for bear cam

Text Triin Ivandi,
Image from webcam IceAge, LK forum
Translation: Liis

The bear camera ends transmission. The autumn has been very exciting with interesting observations. The feeding houses for birds turned out to be a particular hit, where it was possible to observe for hours nuthatches, crested tits, great tits; the jays were also there, and how colourful their plumage is! 
Image from webcam recorded by  Airras, LK forum
It was particularly exciting to observe  the squabbles between raccoon dogs and foxes. The foxes didn’t bother about digging out food, but curled up comfortably on  the verge of the area, even slumbered, and when the raccoon dogs brought out the delicious pieces the foxes set out to harass them. Raccoon dogs are poor runners, the bodies of foxes are as if made for it. Mostly it ended with the food being taken away from the raccoon dogs quite easily…
It was interesting to follow the doings of two young brown bears who always moved together. That young bears keep together and move together is quite common. These are two and a half years old juvenile animals.
A somewhat older male bear moved on his own. He might be more than three years old, maybe even more..
Who had the patience to watch the camera until midnight could often see a female bear with her cubs.
The wild animals and the watching site were cared for by:
Thank you to them from all viewers.
From the forest the signal by way of the  Interline antennas reached the Elisa mobile tower at a distance of 8 kilometres, and from there the Televõrgud fibre optical cable. Televõrgud carried the original camera  image to the EENet server where decoding and distribution to viewers took place. Thank you!
The members of the LK forum have documented all significant moments. Thanks to all observant members: LINK  and have cared for the wildlife and the observation site. Thank you from all viewers!
It only remains to wish the brown bears a peaceful winter sleep.
Looduskalender thanks all its watchers. 
Until meeting again in early spring!




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