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Summary of Osprey season, nest of Piret and Madis

Info: Bea (LK forum) and Urmas Sellis
On April 6, just one day after kalakotkas camera went online, Madis, the male Osprey, appeared at the nest. Over the following days, he could be seen on short visits and doing nest restorations; two other unknown Ospreys were seen, but they did not stay very long. Piret´s return was impatiently awaited and it was a great joy when she was spotted on April 15.
Picture from Kukelke, LK forum
This is erliest return of Piret over three years we can follow the nest (2012 – 26 Apr; 2013 – 22 Apr). Now of course there was hope that a successful breeding would take place, but unfortunately the nest ultimately remained empty, just the same as last year. During the season, there were a few brief visits by Madis and occasionally Piret, as well as other unknown Ospreys. Many things remained unseen, as there were several long transmission failures, and finally we realized - Madis and Piret used another nest location that did not have a camera.
In mid June we found new nest about 2km away, but as adult was on the nest we did not get closer as 1 km. Visit to the place in 23 July was not happy at all, the new nest was partly fallen down and two chicks dead under the tree. 
Partly fallen nest on very high and old spruce. Photo by Urmas Sellis
That time no adults nearby, so we can’t say for sure if that is the new nest of Piret and Madis, but most probably it is so.
Madis was (probably) seen in the same fish farm, where we caught female Osprey Tiiu, who’s migration is possible to follow. There are some images we will share in Forum soon and then every one could compare those to Madis‘ images available in forum posts and in EENet server.
Piret flies still with malfunctioning logger on back, because there was no chance to trap her.




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