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New ospreys busy at nests

Text and photos Urmas Sellis, www.kotkaklubi.ee
Translation Liis

There are two candidates for a mate to J3 – the second female sits in the background on the dried spruce; later she moved father away
At least to start with, new and probably young birds have settled in both the monitored osprey nests . In both nests one of the pair has rings so we know their age and origin.

A male bird with rings is in Ilmar’s and Irma’s nest from April 14th; the black polymer ring is readable in camera view and has the code J3. It means that the bird was hatched in 2011 in the Alam-Pedja Nature Reservem and was ringed by Joosep Tuvi as one of three chicks. The birthplace of J3 is about 16 km from the present nest.
On April 17th a female with an aluminium ring visited the nest but the ring was not readable in camera view. After the arrival of the second female bird on April 19th, the first bird has not appeared at the nest. The second bird has no rings but from the plumage she can be assumed to be quite young (perhaps hatched in 2012). Thus these ospreys have not been breeding earlier and we will see how the old nest owners behave when they arrive from their migration.

The new residents at the nest of Piret and Madis
In Pirest’s and Madis’ webcam nest a male without rings has been busy since April 20th, and a mate for him appeared only on April 23rd. Here the female has a ring on her leg. The code 29 shows that she was hatched in 2012 and 70 km to the north, in the northern part of Emajõe-Suursoo. Once again the ringer was Joosep and there were three chicks in the nest.
Both webcams are here: LINK




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