Welcome ~ Where do you live?

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Welcome ~ Where do you live?

Post by NancyM »

With so many new members joining the forum this summer (2012), we are all interested in learning a bit more about each other. Please introduce yourself here, and tell us where you live.

I am from a rural town just south of Boston, Massachusetts. Also, I am a semi-retired marine biologist who "discovered" birds a few years ago ... storks, eagles, OSPREY (I learned that there are four osprey nests where I live!)


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Post by IKat »

Thank you Nancy...my name is Kathy....married 41 years....supervisor of housekeeping at a small private university here in SW Indiana. 3 kids....2 grandsons......like taking photos of birds. Indiana is one state in which the osprey is still on the endangered species state list. We have only 2 osprey nesting sites in the entire state.........and both are very, very far from my home. I really enjoy watching the nature cams and the osprey cams are my favorite......and I like reading all the wonderful posts and appreciate all who keep me posted when I'm working and cannot watch as much as I would like. And special thanks and appreciation to Urmas and all the wonderful people who work so hard on behalf of all beautiful birds....... :D

"There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a
landscape as it was before." ~ Robert Lynd
Alex germany
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Post by Alex germany »

I live and work in Hannover that's in Germany. Hannover is near to Hamburg. I have more technicaly based interests and i was not very nature interested but some month ago i discovered that it is much fun to take macro photos of insects. Round about four weeks ago i found a link to an Osprey webcam in another forum. Later i found this forum and read about Piret, Madis, Uno, Elo and Nori. Now i'm totally addicted to them and to other animal cams too.
That's really interesting to watch them growing up and to study their behavior. I think they are like own pets after some weeks of watching them. I can't await to watch them in the next season and then from beginning when they are just born.
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Post by jacinta »

I am jacinta and 60 years old I live in Spain (Madrid)

Hugs a lot !!!
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Post by gala »

I live and work in Miami Beach, Florida (USA) but I'm originally from Bilbao (Spain). I have never "watched" a birds' nest before in my life. I'm so happy I discovered it. I'm in love with this family.. :wave:
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Post by Maxiesma »

My name is Patti, I am 57.
Max is my 15lb, not fat, just very tall, 6inch legs and long cat. He does wander the house screaming MAMA. That's what everyone thinks.
Been watching birds for a couple of years. Started in Decorah and found my way across the ocean. Watched bears in Minnesota 3 years now. Love all animals. Love to watch as they develop personalities, all different.
Live and work in Mesa, AZ, USA, just east of Phoenix,AZ. Love it here, except the heat, but it is dry most of the time. Love the desert, it is teaming with life and really beautiful if you look. Very interesting wildlife here.
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Post by Elaine »

My name is Elaine, I live in a small community called Clay City, Kentucky USA, I have been married 28 years and I have 2 pomerianes and a border collie, I have 3 cats and 50 chickens which we sell their eggs, and we raise a very large garden and I can alot of vegetables so I have been very busy. My state in the USA is known for the Kentucky Derby and Basketball, which we all love. I began watching Ospreys when Piret was sitting on her eggs, I have become very attached to this family also.
Everyone is so nice on this forum and really helps to keep me updated. Thanks everyone and take care.
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Post by DB53 »

Greetings all. I am not a stranger to certain members here, like Jo UK...

I live in rural Quebec, Canada. I have been married for over 35 years, we never had children but we are presently "parents" to 4 cats.

Our backyard is usually busy with birds, squirrels and raccoons and I love to watch them and photograph them. I also love to watch cams around the world.

BTW, NancyM, I will be in your State next week. :thumbs:

Take care Everyone.
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Post by Mamushka »

Greetings to all,
I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m a biologist; I’m married, have children and grandchildren. I have always been nature oriented and have had a variety of pets and love animals in general.
I have never watched a live cam before and discovered it when someone passed me the link.
I become completely addicted to this eagle project, this extraordinary family of eagles and to this wonderful forum from that moment. I agree with “Alex germany” in that they become sort of virtual pets.
This forum fills with pictures, videos and information, all the moments I can’t watch the live web-cam (I can’t see it at work :banghead: , but can read the forum :D ).
I am very grateful to all that make this forum so interesting and fun. I also enjoy the multinational membership of the forum.
Next year I’ll start looking for Madis and Piret from the beginning, if the project continues. I will miss Uno, Elo and “little” Nory. I’m already suffering the empty nest syndrome.
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Post by NancyM »

It is really exciting for me to see people from all over the world!

So far:

(and I know we have members from Estonia, Poland, Russia, Latvia, England, Brazil, Australia, and more)
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Post by Chimega »

Hi :wave:
The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
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And miles to go before I sleep.
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Post by maroni »

Good morning!
I am from Austria, my name is Marion, nickname Maroni (= chestnut).
Teaching biology in school (5-12), 60 y.
I like nature, birdwatching ... insects, flowers ...
My two male cats are a little bit disturbed by Opsrey's calling ...
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Post by Fleur »

My name is like a tree in English, Therefore, I am fleur on the forum.
I live in the far north of the Netherlands
Married, 5 adult children, 4 boys and 1 girl, 2 cats
I love nature, too little time for that, special I am very interested in Owls
Together with another lady, ( and many volunteers ) we keep a count each winter of the rust places of Long-eared Owls in our province

...and I am very bad in english, I usually translate everything , so I use short sentences,as it befits a true groninger to Do :mrgreen:
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Post by alice44 »

I am Alice from Oregon -- in the Willamette Valley. :hi:

http://cellarstockerunfiltered.blogspot ... mette.html
As you may be able to tell from the map -- wine is the next "big" thing for Oregon. We are mostly agricultural. We grow mint, hazelnuts and grass seed as well as wheat and other vegetables.

http://www.google.com/imgres?um=1&hl=en ... ,s:0,i:145

I was born in Wyoming, and lived for a while in Illinois and Indiana (my parents are from Indiana), but really I am a west coaster. When I was young I lived in Victoria BC while my mother taught at the university there.

I studied History of Science -- focusing on plague in London -- on how people understood the disease (Yersina pestis) and how the disease shaped their understanding of contagion. Since I graduated I have been seriously underemployed -- I did get to teach a history of science class, which was then discontinued to save the budget. More recently I have been tutoring young people studying English, mostly people who are here and planing to go to graduate school. While I am not working, I watch these cams and work on my quilting.
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Post by Trillian »

I'm from the middle of Germany: Darmstadt near Frankfurt am Main. I found looduskalender in 2009 by chance and was first fascinated by Klaus und Klaara (the tawny owls), as owls are my favorites. My family name means "owl" :laugh:
Then I began to watch Spot the little lesser spotted eagle and Linda and Sulev, the white tailed eagles. As there are no eagles in my region, it is twice nice to watch them via cam. When I visited Canada last year I enjoyed to see bald eagles and ospreys fly and hunting live! It is allways a great show and I would like to see them more often. But even much more I would love to see an eagle owl flying by night in the moonlight only once :rolleyes:
By the way: I'm 39, technical writer and when I'm not watching cams, I play roller hockey and try to photograph a lot - preferable in nature, but unfortunately I'm living in the town...
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Post by Yoko »

Thank you to Nancy for this wonderful topic that creates links and get to know a little!
You all have "good" lives, full of energy and experience. You all love animals and nature.
I live in La Rochelle, France, Europa, beside the Atlantic Ocean. I am married, we have a great son who works in Canada. I was a teacher for young children. I have 60 years old. Two cats, their names are Cookie and Yoko live in my house :)

I look at the webcams since 2010. I am on this forum since spring 2012. I also watch: http://www.beleefdelente.nl/
I love nature, animals in freedom. I love take photos.
Good day !
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Post by lukris »

Hello, I am 33 years old, I am not married and I have no children, but I do have a cat! All my life I have been loving animals, when I was little, I used to bring kittens and pappies home from street and they all found their home with us or within other families. I live in Latvia, which borders to Estonia, so the camera of ospreys is not very far from me :mrgreen: At first I discovered the Latvian osprey nest web camera, after that I started to observe Estonian cameras Stephie and Kalev and osprey camera. As I am full time worker, actually I have no time to watch web cameras during the day, but I still find some minutes every day to sneak a peek 8-) I am very grateful for the pictures and videos that are posted here in forum, so in the evenings I can read about things that have happened and look at the pictures! This is my way to stay updated :book: :2thumbsup:

http://www.latvia.lv/content/plant-and- ... dom-latvia
Dum spiro, spero
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Post by Jo UK »

I am a semi-retired acupuncture practitioner, previously nursing.
I fell in love with Ma and Pa Hornby in 2006/7, watching the Hornby Eagles webcam. Then some of us discovered the Estonian Black Stork webcam, and we have had this forum since 2008.

Here is where I am


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Post by Wisteria »

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Post by Starling »

Hi :hi: Nice to know you all!

I´m from Helsinki, Finland. I´m 33 years old and I work in office of a private dental clinic. My family includes 3 small dogs (15, 13 and 10 years old). I found these webcams by accident in April when I was watching Seili webcam (ospreys in Finland). Somebody there shared a link to the black stork camera in Estonia. Since then I became very “addicted” to these cams. I try to follow all the cams here (ospreys, black storks, lesser spotted eagles and I also watched the buzzards, but their egg didn´t hatch.) My favourite at the moment are the lesser spotted eagles. :loveshower:

I enjoy watching birds of all kinds. I order 3 Finnish bird magazines home and I try to watch local birds as much as I can (in parks and nearby islands). I´ve also taken a few injured birds (usually injured gulls, a sick crow this summer) and then delivered them to the local zoo “Korkeasaari” which takes care of wild animals who need help. Even though Estonia is Finland´s neighbour country in south (a trip from Helsinki to Tallinn by ferry boat takes just a couple of hours), black storks and LSEs are exotic here in Finland. They can visit here, but they don´t nest here. :book: :wave:
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