What does the word klint mean?

North Estonian Klint – what is it?

On the formation of the North Estonian Klint

Four sections of the Baltic Klint

North Estonian Klint and some of its analogues


Estonia clivosa – klint forest

Waterfalls and cascades

Protected areas

Regional division of the North Estonian Klint

Northwest Estonian Klint

West Harju Klint

Tallinn Klint

East Harju Klint

Lahemaa Klint

West Viru Klint

East Viru Klint

Vaivara Klint


Regional division of the North Estonian Klint

The North Estonian Klint is too large to be treated as one whole and is therefore differentiated into the following eight sections on the basis of its regional differences: 1) Northwest Estonian Klint, 2) West Harju Klint, 3) Tallinn Klint, 4) East Harju Klint, 5) Lahemaa Klint, 6) West Viru Klint, 7) East Viru Klint and 8) Vaivara Klint. Within these regional units similar to the morphological units of seashore, about a hundred smaller morphological units, such as klint plateaus, klint peninsulas, klint islands, klint bays, klint straits and klint valleys, have been differentiated.

Klint on Pakri Peninsula.