VIDEO: Confronted by Hubert all others back off

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Video recorded by  Fleur, LK forum
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Red deer      Punahirv         Cervus elaphus


Red deer gather in bachelor flocks for the winter – the mating period ended about a month ago, the aggressivity of the stags has calmed down and even the neck muscles are not as thick and ready for fight as before.

Winter is spent peacefully but the hierarchy ladder is recognized throughout the year, see the video.

Let us look a litle closer at the stags: shoulder height does not vary much on average between individuals, around 1 metre 30 centimetres. The body length of young stags starts at 1 metre 70, for powerful adult animals it may be up to half a metre longer and the average weight is over a couple of hundred kilos.

As can be seen the red deer happily visit the feeding ground – the necessary food ration for adult animals is quite  large, up to forty kilos per day.

In „red deer forests“ we can note that tree bark can be stripped from trees up to a height of  meters but tree shoots can be browsed even half a metre higher.

We will write more about the red deer cows when they appear in camera view with their calves.

Kaamerametsa võimsamad sarved on Hubert´il

Hubert has the most powerful antlers in the camera forest