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When does a great tit then actually start incubating?

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Sun, 25.06.2017 - 01:58

Science news from Linnuvaatleja www.linnuvaatleja.ee
Translation Liis

The great tit lays one egg each day and starts the incubation after having laid the last egg. Usually there are about ten eggs in a clutch. While the great tit covers the eggs with nest material during the egg-laying period  it does not do so when it leaves the nest during the incubation period.

MY FOREST: Beaver – problem in the forest

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Sun, 25.06.2017 - 01:29

Text Kalle Eller

Photos Arne Ader
Translation Liis

Kobras on langetanud puid

The beaver has felled trees

A difficult question remains unsolved for our foresters: what to do with the beavers? Is this diligent tree feller and expander of rivers the scourge of forest owners? Or is it a rarity in nature, a vitally important and expensive symbol of our northern forests? In our present Estonian nature evidently both.

Closest to the truth is that we have not learnt to cope with the beavers that have returned to our forests. But we must learn. We must do this, Government officials as well as each of us on our own.

When did the tit start incubating in the nest?

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Screencap from webcam Biker, LK forum
Translation Liis

On June 12th the five eggs were still covered with down when the female left the nest, but on the next day the eggs were already not covered


Great tit       Rasvatihane           Parus major


The cool spring this year made the tits start breeding later but of the reasons the ornithologists will write in more detail.