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Butterfly game – white and yellow

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Mon, 17.04.2017 - 10:54

Text and photos Urmas Tartes
Translation Liis

Two male brimstone butterflies chasing one female


Brimstone        Lapsuliblikas        Gonepteryx rhamni


In spring we can see yellow as well as white butterflies flying. Despite the seemingly great difference in colour we have to do with the same species – the brimstone butterfly.

The difference in colour is related to the sex of the butterfly – male brimstones are dark yellow, heralding a sunny and warm summer.

VIDEO: Starling ”soap opera”

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Sat, 15.04.2017 - 11:28

Video recorded by Shanta, LK forum
Translation Liis


The life of starlings before breeding is not simple; we can see parallels to it from a human point of view.

When the starling male had staked out his claim to the nestbox on March 23 (see the video at the end of this story) then it might be presumed that now a peaceful nestmaking and breeding would follow…

Far from it, for the third day already a serious competition between females is going on. Both the older but later arrived female as well as a younger lady try to show each other who is the mistress of the nestbox.

Whether we have a Mexican, Turkish or Estonian inspired soap – it is for the viewer to decide.

"Frog community actions" have started

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Sat, 15.04.2017 - 11:23

ELF invites to community actions

Photo Arne Ader

Translation Liis

In Estonian, 10.04.2017

Liiklusmärk "Konnad teel"

Road sign  "Frogs on road"

The spring evenings become warmer and the migration of frogs has already started. Take part in the community actions!

It is easy to participate and there are tasks for everyone’s strength, young or old. On taking part  it is also important to take care of your own safety!

Actions are organised in Tallinn, Tartu and Viljandi County. Read more about the organisation: LINK

Wear warm clothes, have boots on.

Equipment for carrying out the work is mostly available  in place.

Drivers, if possible please avoid late night driving on the road stretches involved in the actions.

We are grateful for all kinds of help! 

Expecting the owlets to hatch?

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Fri, 14.04.2017 - 09:00

Screencap from webcam Maggy, LK forum
Translation Liis

Klaara incubating this morning


Tawny owl         Kodukakk        Strix aluco


Let us look back in time - Klaara laid the eggs on March 15, 18, 21, and 24. It is common among tawny owls that the eggs are laid at intervals of a few days.

When the first egg has been laid the female also starts incubating. Until the second egg we saw Klaara quite often moving outside in the evenings – after all she may well have needed to meet Klaus and socialize.