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Reading the foxes’ track book

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Mon, 19.02.2018 - 10:29

Photos Arne Ader
Translation Liis

Estonian text posted 14.02.2018

Rebased kurameerivad

Foxes courting


Fox; Red fox          Rebane or punarebane      Vulpes vulpes


Last year in the beginning of autumn when the young foxes became independent they left the nest den. From then on and until the springtime  breeding period foxes have no permanent living space. In winter the fox uses  the den in its territory very rarely. Either in really cold weather or in case of danger, to hide from enemies.

The spring migration of our cranes has started

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Fri, 16.02.2018 - 23:00

Info about the migration start from  Aivar Leito

Photo Arne Ader


Estonian text posted 15.02.2018


Eurasian cranes  


It is a pleasure to report that the springtime migration of our cranes with GPS or GPS-GSM devices has started!

As the first “Paslepa” who was born last spring in Noarootsi near Paslepa and spent the winter in north-eastern France started his spring migration.  He flew non-stop in a straight north-easterly direction and late in the evening of the same day reached the Gusov wetland nature protection area but did  not stay for the night there but flew on until early morning and finally stopped to rest in the wetland of the Oder River floodplain in the Oderwiesen nature protection area at the northern border of the town Frankfurt an der Oder.

Tracks talk

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Fri, 16.02.2018 - 13:14

Photo  Peep Männil
Translation Liis

Estonian text posted 11.02.2018

Track row of a wolf pair in Pärtli


Wolf       Hunt or susi      Canis lupus   

The pleasant winter weather lasts – there is snow and tracks on the snow. Who moved in nature on skis in the weekend will have things to tell friends.

Wolf pairs already mark the boundaries of their home territories. If marks of urine mixed with blood are left on the paths it means that in spring offspring might be expected in the area.

Roe deer camera

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Mon, 12.02.2018 - 11:37

Transmission provided  by Elisa and EENet
Technical support HATCAM
Translation Liis

Estonian text posted 08.02.2018

The rains that started at the end of last summer led to a crop failure in the forage fields intended for the roe deer, and the deer looked for higher and drier places to stay in.