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Ridala children’s trail camera: Boar herd and big antlers

Submitted by Looduskalender EN on Wed, 05.04.2017 - 09:12

The little buck – he is not really so ”little” any more, already a grown-up buck - shows himself off in all his splendour, both in daylight and in the dark of the night. With the warming of the weather the animals come less often for ”selfie photos”. Today, on March 27th, the weather is already so fine that bees attempt to collect pollen from elders and hazels and make big flights. For the first time this spring.


Eagle owls in Latvia

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Latvian Fund for Nature

Introduction Urmas Sellis,
Eagle Club ( Kotkaklubi )
Translation Liis


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The breeding territory of eagle owls in Kurzeme (Courland) in Latvia is known since 1998. For several years nesting on the ground failed, and so a nest platform was built in a spruce at a height of 10 m in 2013. Since then the breeding of the eagle owl pair has been successful.

Intercity birdwatching contest

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Estonian Ornithological Society  announces

Photo Arne Ader



On the last Sunday of March, March 26th, the traditional intercity birdwatching contest will take place.

The kick-off for the birdwatching will be already at 5 o’clock in the morning. Nobody should however be discouraged by the early hour because all observations made in the cities up to 1 p m will be taken in account.

The event has expanded steadily. Its aim is to make us aware of the richness of birds in cities and the arrival of migrating birds that has started. Last year observation results were received from 24 Estonian cities where 118 bird species were observed.

VIDEOS: The fight of the starlings

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Videos recorded by Olle



Starling         Kuldnokk        Sturnus vulgaris



The great spotted woodpecker that has occupied the nest box since January has not come in the camera’s field of view the last two nights – after all, the “drumming period” has started and maybe even a mate has been found?

Early in the morning, at 6.30, the first starling visited the nestbox. There is enough daylight and such a “mansion” must be looked after.

The conflict started at about 7 o’clock, when a second male starling came to inspect the nestbox (the first video shows the start of the conflict).