Crane talk

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Summary: Aivar Leito

Photo Arne Ader
Translation Liis


Estonian text  published 02.10.2017

Raadiosaatjaga sookure jälgimine antenniga. Aivar Leito

Tracking crane provided with transmitter by aerial Aivar Leito

Dear Crane Friends!


It is a pleasure to tell you that the cranes equipped with satellite transmitters in Estonia (the sat cranes, 10 altogether) are alive and well and have started their autumn migration flights too.

Cranes and barnacle geese

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Text,images and video: Tiit Hunt,
Translation: Liis


Estonian text published 30.09.201

On Thursday we once more moved the webcam in the Sassi  Peninsula and in the evening we could see how at about twenty minutes past seven thousands of cranes flew past the camera at sea during only  ten minutes. It is likely to happen today as well because the migration of cranes has not finished yet, rather it is the peak period which however may end rapidly with favourable migration weather.