Attractive catch-fly

Photo: Arne Ader
 Translation: Liis
Sticky catch-fly
Sticky catch-fly Harilik tõrvalill      
The most large-flowered and conspicuous representative of our domestic carnation species; grows on dryish ridges, meadows, pastures.
A field of catch-fly flowers is a beautiful eye-catcher, and a magnet for flower arrangers. But the dark stalks stick to the picker’s hands. With the “tar“ the plant protects its flowers against nectar thieves so that those who can’t fly will not spoil the flowers by chewing on them. They will not spread the pollen, and other pollinators have no reason to come to flowers without nectar.

The flowers are very rich in nectar; but only insects with a long proboscis – bumblebees, butterflies – can get at the nectar and pollinate the flowers. In warm, light and quiet summer nights the insect life in catch-fly fields is audible.




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